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        Hydraulic grabs, mechanical grabs; rope multi-petal grabs; special grabs and other types of grabs

        Release date:2020-05-26

        The company solved the sticky bucket problem in the process of loading and unloading viscous materials for port loading and unloading, developed a rope-type grab with a scraper and a wireless remote control grab with a scraper, and applied for a patent, patent number: ZL200820058586 .7, the company has also developed a high-temperature water slag grab (the life of the grab is twice that of the ordinary grab), and developed a submarine salvage grab (which can bite the sunken ship on the seabed bit by bit, and the life is ordinary. 1.5 times). 

        The production of marine wireless remote control grab has reached the domestic leading level of 1500 hours of continuous work without failure, and the electric hydraulic grab has reached 3000 hours of continuous work without failure. Export products have obtained CCS, NK, BV and other certifications successively. On the basis of leading product technology, reliable use, and excellent performance, our company has realized global warranty by considering the user benefits of exported products.

        The variety of grabs designed and manufactured by our company are of various specifications and are as follows:

        From the grab form, there are:

        Three types of grabs: double-petal, multi-petal and tooth. The multi-petal grab is divided into four, five, six and eight petals.

        According to the form of grab attached to the crane:

        Single cable, double cable, four cable, eight cable. The single-cable grab is divided into three types: mechanical, electro-hydraulic and remote control. The mechanical single-cable grab is divided into three types: retractable type, guide rod type and hand pull type.

        From the power of the hydraulic grab, there are:

        There are two types of power (electric) hydraulic grab and unpowered hydraulic grab.

        From the grabbing form of grabbing different goods, there are:

        Timber grabs, bulk grabs, bulk cargo leak-proof grabs, variable-capacity grabs, sparse-grip grabs, salvage grabs, comb grabs in front of the dam, and buckets for reclaiming.

        At present, we have designed and manufactured large and small grabs ranging from 1 ton (rated lifting capacity) pneumatic grabs to 200 tons (rated lifting capacity).

        We can also design and manufacture according to the actual needs of customers.

        Now, our company can solve the problems in the actual production loading and unloading process for users free of charge, and firmly adhere to the business philosophy of "based on integrity, centered on the interests of supply and demand sides, with friendly cooperation as the link, and development and refinement, and strengthening as the goal". , Strong internal quality, external image, guided by technology, guaranteed by quality, dedicated to provide users with excellent products and services. The company's employees wholeheartedly welcome customers and users at home and abroad to negotiate and communicate.

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