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        Need to know the use of remote control grab

        Release date:2020-05-26

        The remote control grab occupies a very important position in the status of industrial production, so it is very important to select high-quality machine display. The use of this grab implement realizes the function of the container loading and unloading bridge to complete the bulk grain unloading, and the use of the grab Provide a reference for port peers. The remote control grab does not require external energy and is properly fixed to avoid strong winds. It is automatically closed on the stack, and can be automatically opened at any position in the air. When the grab is not in use, the sliding seat should be slid to the bottom to protect the piston rod of the cylinder. The nut should be tightened when the battery is installed to prevent the battery from being loose and damaged.

        Some professional companies engaged in bulk cargo handling have made useful attempts in process and equipment transformation, and the efficiency of handling has been greatly improved. The remote control grab further improved the company's bulk grain handling capacity. It does not require external energy, it automatically closes on the pile, and can automatically open at any position in the air. The large shackle and lifting ring on the grab balance frame are rated for 60T. The shackle can not be used for other work. Its birth rewrites the history of inefficient single-claw grabbing in the lifting transportation industry. Open the hydraulic system cover and open the solenoid valve by manually pulling the rope.

        The remote control grab is a novel grab controlled by a wireless remote control transmitter. Before using the grab, check the electrical control system, especially the electrical connectors. If moisture is found, it should be cleaned and dried to avoid short circuit. During use and parking of the grapple, the balance frame must not collide with the grapple cylinder, especially the cylinder rod. The remote control grab is generally composed of several components such as upper bearing beam assembly, sliding seat assembly, lower bearing beam assembly, bucket body, brace bar and oil cylinder. Therefore, it is critical to choose a high-quality remote control grab.