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        How to choose a remote control grab

        Release date:2020-05-26

        The remote control grab (also called: wireless remote control grab) is a kind of retrieving device equipped under a single drum crane, used for loading and unloading various bulk goods such as mineral powder, coal, grain, fertilizer, industrial salt, alumina and so on. The wireless remote control grapple cleverly applies the wireless remote control technology and the simplest hydraulic technology to the grapple, making the grapple unique.

        The principle of remote control grab:

        The grapple comes with a closed hydraulic system. The hydraulic system is controlled by a wireless remote control device to control the solenoid valve, and the change of the upper and lower chambers of the cylinder is controlled by the reversal of the solenoid valve. The lower end of the cylinder body is connected to the lower beam of the grapple. The upper end of the piston rod is connected with the grapple sliding seat. When the grab is in the open state, to grab the cargo, loosen the grab wire rope, and the piston rod is pressed into the cylinder body under the weight of the sliding block. At this time, press the remote control to let the oil passage of the upper and lower chambers of the cylinder Closed, the sliding seat is locked, the sliding seat and the lower bearing beam are integrated into one, the steel wire rope is lifted, and the grab grabs the goods. When the grab is in the closed state, to release the cargo, just press the remote control transmitter, control the solenoid valve to be energized, the hydraulic system oil circuit is opened, the sliding block pulls out the piston rod of the oil cylinder, against the upper bearing beam, the grab opens Release the goods. When the remote control grab is used for loading a vehicle or a funnel, sometimes it is not necessary to open the grab all at once, as long as the grab is opened to the required size, press the remote control transmitter to control the solenoid valve. , The hydraulic system oil circuit is closed, and the grapple is opened as large as possible. During the process of opening the grab, you can pause at will according to people's wishes.

        The advantages of remote control grab:

        1. Energy saving (compared with electro-hydraulic grab)

        2. High efficiency (compared with floor-opening grab)

        3. Safe and reliable (compared with hand-held grab)

        4. Stable work (compared with hand-pull and floor grab)

        5. Easy to use (compared with hand-held grab)

        6. Strong function (compared with hand-pull and floor grab)

        7. Large-scale (compared with hand-held grab)

        8. Simple structure and few failures (compared with hand-pull and floor grab)