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        The remote control grab is used for loading and unloading various goods

        Release date:2020-05-26

        It should also be checked whether the rope head is lively on the reel, whether the initial number of rope windings is more than 3 turns, etc. The electrical trivialities should be excellent, grasp and close the operation, and switch faultlessly.

        It should be the corresponding grab. If the configuration is wrong, either the power is low or it cannot be used. It is necessary to know the equipment and application when using the grab operation. The grab is used to load and unload various goods. So what kind of goods are loaded and unloaded. How

        The operator should be able to look directly at the inside of the lifting equipment. 1 The electric winch should be in the center of the rugged, wide and unobstructed rear. Simultaneously, it can also accept the equipment and application of the command signal manual winch, which can refer to the irrelevant meaning of the electric winch.

        For example, when hoisting by masthead, the equipment position of the 2 winch should be a little further away from the core of the hoisting and a remote control grab. The distance shall not be less than the unevenness of the masthead. In order to ensure that the wire rope wound on the reel as the deflection angle 02 can be placed in reverse, 3 The distance between the first guide pulley and the axis of the reel should be greater than 25 times the length of the reel. Not to be surrounded together.

        Wireless remote control grabs, electric hydraulic grabs, mechanical rope grabs, dredging dredge grabs, wood grabs, various types of hydraulic grabs for construction vehicles and other special working conditions.