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        Electro-hydraulic grab: how to choose electro-hydraulic grab

        Release date:2020-05-26

        Working condition of electro-hydraulic grab:

        1. The main purpose of the electro-hydraulic multi-petal grab is to grab various kinds of scrap steel, stones, garbage and other materials of different sizes and shapes. The biggest effect is to use several oil cylinders to push the bucket flaps separately. According to different resistances and different shapes, the bucket flaps of the grabs act separately (asynchronously) to grab, clamp and not leak materials.

        2. The difference between the electric hydraulic grab and the rope grab: when the rope grab grabs the material, when the resistance of the material is greater than the digging force of the grab, the grab is under the action of the closed rope lifted up, the grab side Climb up while closing the material. The electro-hydraulic grab is an active grab. When grabbing the material, when the resistance of the material is greater than the digging force of the grab, although the grab cannot grab the material, the motor on the grab still rotates, and the output of the grab is the largest. The power attempted to overcome the resistance, resulting in useless work, and the grab was "suffocated" in the material pile.

        3. In the above case, to grasp the material, only manually start the hoisting mechanism of the crane and raise the grab bucket to reduce the resistance of the material, then the material can be grasped and continue to work.

        4. The resistance of the electric hydraulic grab to grab the goods on the raised pile is different from that on the depressed pile.

        5. In order to ensure that the grab does not leak after the grab is closed, the motor is intentionally set to continue to work for a few seconds, and the pressure is continued for a few seconds to reach the maximum set pressure.

        Problems with electro-hydraulic grab:

        Through the above introduction of the working conditions of the electro-hydraulic grab, we can easily understand the fact that a good electro-hydraulic grab is more complicated than a normal electro-hydraulic machine, and has a high technical content, because the shape of the material changes, the material The specific gravity is changed, the position of the grab grab is changed, and the technical quality of the operator is changed. Complicated problems are solved with ordinary electric hydraulic pump stations installed on the grab bucket. Will there be no problems?

        The ordinary electric hydraulic grab pumping station system is controlled by a pump, which is composed of a motor, a quantitative pump, a control valve, an overflow valve, an oil pipe, and an oil cylinder.

        Problem 1. The motor forward grab is closed and the motor reverse grab is opened. When the grapple is working, the electric motor keeps turning forward and backward once and again. Without a high-quality motor, the motor is easily damaged; without a custom-made cast steel motor housing, a conventional cast iron motor housing is used, and the foot screw holes are often broken, making the grab bucket unusable.

        Problem two. When the grab of the quantitative pump is mentioned in the above 5 working conditions, especially when the grab is "suffocated" in the working conditions 2, 5, the quantitative pump output is a constant power, when the resistance of the material is greater than the grab During the closing force, the grab does not move, and the constant pump output is constant power. Not only is it wasted through the overflow valve, but according to the law of conservation of energy, the kinetic energy becomes heat energy, the oil temperature rises, and it becomes a lot of noise . Some grapples have to stop production due to the increase in oil temperature, allowing the grapple oil temperature to drop. The consequences of rising oil temperature of the fixed pump bucket:

        1. Waste energy.

        2. Accelerate the aging of seals.

        3. Accelerate the aging of the tubing.

        4. The viscosity of the oil drops, the leakage in the system increases, and the work is unstable. If the pressure cannot be maintained, the captured goods will fall off.

        5. The deterioration of hydraulic oil speeds up.

        6. Shut down to cool down and affect production.

        Problem 3. When the quantitative pump system is started, the spool inside the valve block has a certain response time, so the pressure at the start is very high, sometimes even exceeds the burst pressure of the tubing, and the opening and closing of the grab adopts the forward and reverse control of the motor. Such frequent high-pressure is frequently generated, which is easy to cause tube explosion and other phenomena,

        Technical solutions to problems:

        The design of the company's grab hydraulic system uses valve control, the motor always rotates in one direction, the hydraulic pump is improved from the original quantitative pump to a variable pump, and the system uses servo technology. For a detailed introduction, please see "The Most Advanced Electrohydraulic Grab in China".

        Advantages brought by technical solutions:

        1. Low failure rate

        2. high working efficiency

        3. Energy saving

        4. High gripping power

        5. Easy maintenance

        6. Simple maintenance

        7. Low load on the grid

        8. Protects electrical components

        9. The instantaneous pressure impact of the hydraulic system is small, and it is not easy to burst the tube.

        The visual test of the electro-hydraulic grab meets the conditions:

        1. Grab oil temperature is less than the working environment oil temperature plus 20o.

        2. The noise within 2 meters of the grab is less than 70 decibels.