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        Maintenance problems of electro-hydraulic grab

        Release date:2019-01-10

        Electro-hydraulic (grab) is the best equipment for loading, unloading, stacking and destacking wood, grass reed and other raw materials. It has a dual power system with internal combustion engine and 380V electric interchange operation, which can quickly replace different hydraulic grabs. The terminal's electric hydraulic grab has low consumption cost and low use cost, because electricity is cheaper than oil.

        Many of the common safety accidents in docks and ports are caused by the failure of the crane grab. The hydraulic grab plays the role of connecting the crane and the heavy object, so it must pay attention to its maintenance work. For this reason, when the lifting height limiter of the hydraulic grab or the hook locking device fails or is damaged, it is absolutely forbidden to reuse it. As for undocumented employment, leaders should be held accountable.

        The hooks can be divided into single hooks and double hooks according to their different shapes; they can also be divided into sheet hooks and forged hook casting hooks according to their different manufacturing processes. At present, the common hook is a forged single hook. The cast hook is not allowed to be used on the crane. The hook is widely made of low-carbon steel and carbon alloy steel to solve the problem of resistance and cracking.

        Safety is the primary factor that should be paid attention to during the lifting operation of crane equipment. When attention is paid to the use of ropes, the wear of hooks should also attract everyone's attention to ensure safe production.