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        Status and demand trend of hydraulic grab industry

        Release date:2016-07-27

        The positioning pile type hydraulic grab dredger is basically the abandoned anchor cable positioning in the hydraulic grab dredger. It is the benefit of the positioning and positioning of the cutter suction dredger. The positioning pile positioning of the cutter suction dredger is applied. When two positioning piles are installed at the stern of the hydraulic grab dredger, the positioning and movement of the two positioning piles are used for the positioning and movement. It is suitable for the loading and unloading of ships, trains and automobiles. CNC cutting is used for the blanking of steel plates. According to the driving system, it can be divided into hydraulic grab and mechanical grab for two years. 0t; Grab bucket capacity-0.20 m3 ~ 60.0 m. At the top of the piston rod, pay attention to cleanliness. The dirt around the seal ring on the top of the piston is most likely to cause behavioral wear and tear. The missing effect of the seal causes leakage.

        Because the positioning pile hydraulic grab dredger moves fast, the positioning is quick and fast, and its construction efficiency is not comparable to that of the general anchor cable hydraulic grab dredger. The rated current is lower than the rated current of the electrode. At the same time, it is also a certain care for the electrical components, delaying the service life of the electrical components. , General drawings, wearing parts drawings. Pipeline installation should be enumerated and tidy, with short lines and little bending, and contact with behavior parts is strictly prohibited. The control element consists of a relief valve on the valve block and a two-position four-way electromagnetic directional valve. The grapple depends on the forward and reverse rotation of the motor or the hydraulic directional valve to control the opening and closing of the grapple. The claw flap is made of highly wear-resistant material, the bucket teeth and skirt parts are made of alloy steel, and the alloy overlay welding process is adopted, which is not easy to fall off and has good wear resistance. In extraordinary circumstances, the river is small and cannot be anchored. The section length is generally taken as the section length with a section distance.

        Production situation of positioning pile hydraulic grab dredger The production situation of positioning pile hydraulic grab dredger is determined by the production index of positioning pile hydraulic grab dredger. At the same time, our grab bucket cylinder is not equipped with anti-collision equipment to prevent the grab bucket cylinder from being damaged when it collides with other equipment or objects due to non-operation. The hydraulic accessories are composed of oil return filter, pipe joint, hose, steel pipe, etc. The main parameters of the grab: Rated lifting weight ----. When in use, the control switch makes the motor always run towards the purpose of tightening the cable mark. When the grab falls, gravity makes the cable drum run in reverse. Grab electrical system voltage working voltage 380 50hz motor output power is not less than 37 kw motor protection grade ip 55 insulation grade f closing time should not be greater than 6s opening time is not greater than 9s maximum operating pressure 250bar.