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        Hydraulic grab

        Release date:2016-07-27

        The grab bucket depends on the opening and closing of two left and right combination buckets or multiple jaw plates to grab and unload bulk materials. The grab bucket composed of multiple jaw plates is also called a gripper.

        Grab can be divided into:

        1. Hydraulic grab

        The hydraulic grab is equipped with an opening and closing structure, which is generally driven by a hydraulic oil cylinder. The hydraulic grab composed of multiple jaw plates is also called hydraulic claw. Hydraulic grabs are widely used in special hydraulic equipment, such as hydraulic excavators and hydraulic lifting towers.

        There are two types of excavator hydraulic grapples: rotary and non-revolving. The grapple without rotary adopts the oil circuit of the excavator bucket cylinder, without adding additional hydraulic valve blocks and pipelines; the grapple with rotary must be added A set of hydraulic valve block and pipeline to control.

        Application occasions of hydraulic grab for excavator:

        1. Excavation of foundation pits, excavation of deep pits, and loading of mud, sand, coal, and crushed stone.

        2. Especially suitable for excavation and loading on one side of a ditch or restricted space.

        3. Suitable for loading and unloading of ships, trains and automobiles.

        2. Mechanical grab

        The mechanical grab is not equipped with an opening and closing structure, and is usually driven by the external force of a rope or a connecting rod. According to the operating characteristics, it can be divided into a double rope grab and a single rope grab. The most commonly used is a double rope grab.

        The double rope grab has a support rope and an opening and closing rope, which are wound around the reel of the support mechanism and the opening and closing mechanism, respectively. The working process of the double rope grab: a. The support rope and the opening and closing rope are lowered at the same time. b is to tighten the opening and closing ropes, the jaws are closed and grab the material. c means that the support rope and the opening and closing rope rise at the same time after the grab is closed. d. To support the rope without moving, the opening and closing rope descends, the mouth of the bucket opens and unloads the material. The double rope grab is reliable in operation, simple in operation, high in productivity, and widely used. After using two sets of double ropes, it becomes a four rope grab, the working process is the same as the double rope grab.

        Single rope grab The same wire rope is used for the support rope and the opening and closing rope. The special locking device makes the steel rope take turns supporting and opening and closing. The winding mechanism of the single rope grab is relatively simple, but the productivity is low, and it is rarely used in mass loading and unloading operations.

        According to the bulk density of the grabbed materials, the grab bucket is divided into three types: light (such as grabbing grain), medium (such as grabbing gravel) and heavy (such as grabbing iron ore); divided into double jaws according to the number of jaws Grab buckets and multi-jaw grapples, the most commonly used is the double-jaw grapple. For large pieces of ore, iron shavings and scrap steel, it is advisable to use a multi-jaw plate grab, because it has the characteristics of multiple claws and sharp cuts, it is easy to insert into the pile, and it can get a better grasping effect. There is also a scissor grab that mimics the principle of scissors. Its gripping force can gradually increase with the closing of the jaw plate, and reaches the maximum value at the end of the closing; the opening of the bucket mouth and the area of the covered material are also more than Generally, the grab is large, which improves the grasping ability, which is helpful for cleaning the material yard and the cabin. However, for large materials, the initial grasping force is small, and the effect is poor.

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